ahh no!

buger it, i just ate a huge curry and about 4 fat slices of birthday cake for my bros b day. o my god, my stomach actually hurts its so full , if i cant go for 3 days not binging there isnt much hope for me. ahhhhh i just realsied i ate naan bread nd im not meant to be eating bread! o my god this is bad, i'm going to the gym tomorrow and not eating anything! blimey i hope everyones doing better than me i am so rubbish :(
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So... Day 3!!

Ok, so its the begining of my 3rd day of lent. another 37 days to go. Doesn't seem that many. 40 days seemed AGES.. but meh.
The whole giving up sugar has deffinatley had an affect. I am loosing weight faster than i was before. And am off the plateau that i had been on. Now I am just 2lbs from my STG. Wooooooop.

Well thats what I was at like 7am thursday morning. It is now Friday, will way my self again in about 5 hours. Can't do it now, as I will wake the people in my house up. Weird in like 3 hours my stepdad will be getting up for work, and i haven't even been asleep yet. Lol.

I must say though, because i am avoiding sugar I have been eating more fatty foods, like cheese. Totally sugar free right, yet so high in fat and kcals. I am a failure.

How is everyone else doing?

Better get back to coursework...zzZZZ  
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i'm thinking about giving up bread as well as binging, and chocolate which i only eat when i binge anyway so its all the same thing really. bread seems a bit wierd but i have an addiction to toast and if i dont eat bread i wont eat the rubbish that goes on it which is the most fattening thing. hmm i'll have to plan this properly otherwise it might go wrong. anyway tomroow it begins, and I WILL SUCCEED. lol i have to keep telling myself that, because i will and i must. good luck everyone! xoxoxoxoxox
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Theres two more days untill we all start. Exicted gurlies?

Tomorrow is pancake day... mmm i love pancakes, BUT... so many kcals.
Am gona eat one though. I mean its a tradition to eat them in my household, so not to eat one would make my mum suspicious. 
Then after that, one sleep and goodbye sugar for 40 days!!

Did you know that after doing something for 21 days it becomes habbit. Which is great if it works. 

Parents evening at my school tonight. What fun. Another day of being told how far behind I am on everything... :)

Good luck xxxx
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Alright I wanted to do the most drastic thing for lent, and for me that would be no smoking. I've tried this so many time but it's very  difficult for me.
I know this sounds absolutly horrible but if i do end up caving in I will be giving up more than just that so i dont end uo doing nothing for lent. I plan on avoiding anything that has to do with binging, I will only be drinking water, coffee and tea.  thats the plan as of now, ill be thinking about it more up untill wends. xxx

Good Plan!

hia,  i'm layla, i think this is a good idea, i really need to take control of things becuase ive been spiralling into binging all the time so i'm going to use lent to really make a new start and not binge at all, i'm going to need help though becuase i'm not good at resisting some foods and i gnerally give up when i'm feeling depressed. i'm not goign to eat any chocolate or much sugar and i'm goign to go to the gym at leats twice a week. good luck everyone! xoxx
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 Lent: nothing tooo drastic, as my mother would be really suspicious. I want to beat those boredom binges, eating any form of sweets, and am going to reduce to one sugar in my tea other than two. When my friends have sweets I will not be tempted by their "one won't hurt" comments.

So basically no/little sugar it is then... Thats what I am giving up.
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